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Regions of the Body


This is for an Anatomy

dorsum chin
crural arm
plantar armpit
manual around the anus
oral spinal column
buccal nose
cervical head
nasal neck
tarsal back of the knee
perineal stomach or abdomen
genital thigh
femoral leg
otic lower back
inguinal eye cavity
antecubital hip
carpal instep
acromial breast
brachial between the hips in the lower back
cephalic reproductive organs
umbilical naval
coxal wrist
mental kneecap
axillary forearm
gluteal foot
patellar back
popliteal hand
sternal back of the head
antebrachial palm
abdominal buttocks
mammary chest
digital cheek
palmar forehead
orbital elbow
vertebral ear
occipital fingers
cubital front of elbow
sacral mouth
frontal shoulder
pectoral sternum or mid-chest
lumbar groin

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