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The Reproductive Systems

Albert Cuestas

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Fallopian tubes is a male hormone that causes the testes to produce sperm.
Menstrual cycle is a small,muscular,pear-shaped organ, about the size of a fist.
Sterility as a result of action of hormones the linigh breaks down and passes through the .
Ovaries The ovasries begin to release one mature ovum each month. This process is called the.
Fertilization from the time of one period to the next -"usually 28 days.
Testes are two small glands that produce sperm.
Scrotum are female sex glands that house the ova and produce female sex hormones.
Urethra is the external reproductive organ composed of spongy tissue that contains many blood vessels.
Ovulation is a small tube that extends from the bladder as well as from each vas dererns through the penis to the outside of the body.
Penis When a mature ovum is released from an ovary it moves in to one of a pair of tubes called.
Cervix protects sperm by keeping the testes at a temperature slighty below the normal body tempratureof 98.6 F (37 c).
Semen The mixture of the fluids form the seminal vesicles the prostate gland and cowpers glands with sperm forms.
testosterone is a condition in which a person is unable to reproduce.
Uterus can occur if sperm cells are present while the ovum is in the fallopian tube.

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