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Retinal Pigment Epithelium Functions

James Kundart, O.D., M.Ed., F.A.A.O.

For the last 6/9 functions of the RPE, from lecture 01/18/06.

limitingmembranes Major component of drusen in AMD
photokeratitis Inner and outer retina structures that are connective, not functional
phototoxic Retinal detachments most often occur outer to this layer
ventricles Photoreceptor that renews its discs every 5-10 days, in the morning
rods Common name for active transport of vitamin A from the pigment epithelium
exitpupil Effect responsible for the frog's eye triggering its tongue to strike a moving insect
photomechanical Visual field defect seen in RP
vitamina Third force that holds the RPE to the back of the retina besides vitreous pressure and microvilli
electrooculogram Color of tint in blue-blocker filters
lipofuscin 15,000 IU of this vitamin may slow the progression of RP
tunnelvision The part of the photoreceptors that can regenerate after repaired RD
lutein Where the photoreceptor outer segments get their oxygen
nyctalopia UV-A radiation might cause this if you wear no goggles skiing
pigmentepithelium Electrodiagnostic test that measures the voltage across the globe
choriocapillaris Makes up 90% of the pigment in the macula, disappears in AMD
mucoploysaccharide Effect responsible for ocular damage due to ultraviolet radiation
retinalrailroad Other brain structure that the eyes most closely resemble
yellow Where the cone photoreceptors should be pointed to take in light
outersegments Latin name for night blindness

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