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Biology Test Review

Ms. Boyd

No description

Isotope Genetic material
Niche Swells
Covalent Regulate timing
Hypertonic With life
Lysosomes Prior knowledge
PrimaryConsumer Two elements
Mitosis Chromosomes gather at opposite ends
Cohesion Never lived
Glycolysis Produces energy for cell
CellWall Fats, Oils, and Waxes
CellularRespiration Attach carbs and lipids to proteins
Abiotic Produces ribosomes
Autotrophs Supported Hypothesis
Cyclins Attraction between same substance
Ribosome Breaks down old and dying organelles
Chloroplasts Chromatin condense
Ecosystem Earth
Interphase Process that releases energy
Metaphase Glucose is broken down into Pyruvate
Consumers Occupation
Catalysts Make their own food
Ionic Shrinks
Anaphase Collection of populations in a particular place
GolgiBodies Store and transmit genetic information
Theory Herbivores
Acid 7
Detritivore Decomposer
Neutral Bonds that share electrons
Nucleolus Heterotrophs
Kreb'sCycle Transports proteins
Biosphere Attraction between different substances
Biotic Sister chromatids separate
Cytokinesis Neutrons are different
Carbohydrates Not found in animal cells
Inference Cell division
ElectronTransportChain Lower concentration of H
Lipids Educated guess
NucleicAcids Main source of energy
Polar Daughter cells
Protein Opposite charges
SmoothEndoplasmicReticulum Use photosynthesis
Hypothesis Citric Acid Cycle
Hypotonic No Ribosomes
Adhesion Recycled electrons
Nucleus Electrons are transferred
Mitochondria Amino acids
Prophase Enzymes
Compound Chromosomes line up across middle of cell
Telophase Cell grows

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