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Spinal Cord

Name: ________________________Due: next wednesday

meninges connective tissue layers covering the S.C.
intercostal fast, automoatic, unplanned sequence of actions
senneu region of gray matter used for processing info
mottract avascular connective tissue layer
antmedfis termination of the S.C.
intcen contains bundles of axons going up/down the S.C.
plexus transparent layer close to the S.C.
arachnoid impulses enter and leave the same side of S.C.
csf area that feeds the upper limbs
posmedsul space containing interstitial fluid
dura responds to a specific stimulus
contralateral tube filled with cerebrospinal fluid
lumbar send impulse from the S.C. to the target
effector roots of lumbar, sacral and coccygeal nerves
cervical axons of out-going motor neurons
graycom axon that travel from the brain
ipsilateral joining of axons from adjacent nerves
subarachnoid area of the skin is identified by a spinal nerve
cencan space containing cerebrospinal fluid
dentlig connects the left and right white matter
posrg send impulse from the site of stimulus to the S.C.
pia space where anesthetics are injected
antgh pathway followed by nerve impulse
conus cell bodies of in-coming sensory neurons
sentract shock absorbing fluid for protection
dermatome impulses enter and leave from opposite sides of S.C.
rami nerves that connect directly to targets
epidural cell bodies of motor neurons
antroot superficial connective tissue layer
cauda axons that travel to the brain
motneu body part that responds to the motor impulse
reflexarc area that feeds the lower limbs
whitecom connects the left and right gray matter
reflex wide groove on anterior side
subdural cell bodies of interneurons for processing info
columns marrow groove on posterior side
posgh extensions of a covering that suspend the S.C.
receptor axons from a spinal nerve that branch off

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