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RB3 Support



ttubule Infolding of the sarcolemma (1,6)
tensile Vertebrae that support lower back (6)
tropomyosin Bone in hand (6)
antagonistic A space containing a cytoplasmic extension of a osteocyre (11)
cardiac Type of striated muscle (7)
fibril A pair of muscles where the contraction of one pulls in the opposite direction to the contraction of the other (12)
coccyx Major component of cartilage (5)
centrum Shoulder blade (7)
skeletal Load-bearing part of vertebra (7)
water Unit stretching from one Z line to next (9)
hyaline Collar bone (8)
compressive Strength given by inorganic component of bone (11)
sarcomere A cell that helps form bone (10)
support Type of bone that makes up outer layer of limb bones (7)
troponin Strength given by organic component of bone (7)
myosin Fused vertebrae (6)
sarcolemma A protein in the thin filaments in muscle (11)
cervical Type of striated muscle (8)
Haversiansystem Movement of organism from one place to another (9)
calciumphosphate Fused vertebrae (6)
joint Plasma membrane of a muscle cell (10)
osteoclast Place where two bones meet (5)
ligament Secreted by osteblasts (7,9)
ossification One of many structures found inside a muscle fibre (6)
chondrocyte Type of cartilage found at ends of bones (7)
locomotion A muscle whose contraction causes straightening at a joint (8)
brachialis A muscle whose contraction causes bending at a joint (6)
pentadactyl A cell that helps break down bone (10)
flexor Secreted by osteblasts (13)
tendon A unit of bone structure in which osteocytes are arranged in concentric circles (9,6)
scapula Function of skeleton (10)
lacuna Five digit limb (11)
protection Type of joint at knee (5)
extensor A cell found in cartilage (11)
actin A protein in the thin filaments in muscle (8)
osteoblast A protein in the thick filaments in muscle (6)
tropocollagen Vertebrae that support chest (8)
canaliculus Muscle attached to humerus and ulna (10)
carpal Type of joint enclosed by capsule (8)
lumbar Function of skeleton (7)
tarsal A protein in the thin filaments in muscle (5)
clavicle Vertebrae that support head and next (8)
compact Conversion of cartilage to bone during development (12)
thoracic Bone in foot (6)
sacrum A structure made of collagen fibres that holds bone to bone at joints (8)
hinge Space in bone once occupied by ostecyte (6)
synovial A structure made of collagen fibres that holds bone to muscle (6)

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