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virus, protist, bacteria, fungus

Mrs. VH1

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watermold where the genetic material of a virus is found
decomposers structure that collects water and expels it from the cell
cilia long whiplike structure used for movement
lichen fungus and either an algae or an autotrophic bacteria
bacteria type of funguslike protist that is brightly colored and grows as a mass
virus virus that infects bacteria
hidden asexual reproduction in fungi
mutalism a type of asexual reproduction in bacteria
parasite plantlike protists
contractilevacuole virus that immediately starts to replicate after entering a cell
protozoan living thing that provides a source of energy for a virus
symbiosis virus that may
vaccine branching, threadlike structures that make up fungus
pasteurization heat food to a high temp to kill bacteria
algae small, rounded, thick-walled resistant cell in bacteria
host temporary bulges of the cell
budding organisms that break down dead matter
prokaryote hairlike structures used for movement
binaryfission protist that caused the Irish potato famine
endospore interaction between two species
protist animal-like protists
innercore tiny cell that is able to grow into a new organism
fruitingbodies a type of sexual reproduction in bacteria
conjugation reproductive structures that contain spores in fungi
proteincoat type of symbiosis in which both organisms benefit
slimemold substance introduced inside a body to help stop viruses
euglenoid eukaryotes that can't be classified as animals, plants or fungi
pseudopods organism that lives on or in a host and causes harm
dinoflagellates prokaryotes with cell walls and flagella
spore tiny, nonliving particle that invades a living cell
bacteriophage plantlike protists with a suit of armor and two flagella
diatoms plantlike protists with glass cell walls
flagellum one of the two parts of a virus
active plantlike protist which can act as a heterotroph
hyphae their genetic material is not contained inside a nucleus

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