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JASON Unit 3 puzzle

Deb Bontadelli

No description

molten a type of rock that is formed from igneous or sedimentary rocks by high temperatures
aerobic pertaining to life
Mars the study of how a planet's crust moves, folds and cracks
baseline the red planet that we have been studying
microbiologist a type of rick that forms from hot melted rock, that cools and becomes solid
meteorite evidence that life was present
nutrients tiny, microscopic life
biotic inactive or asleep
energy the traces or remains of a living organism
meteor the wearing away of a planet's surface by natural forces
anaerobic vitamins, minerals and other raw materials that living things need
ejecta a rock from space that that has landed on Earth
dormant liquid rock
microbes a rock flying through space
erosion crushed rock fragments thrown in all directions when a impact crater is formed
fossil a sign of photsynethic life
analog the planet that we live on
sedimentary without oxygen
metamorphic someone who studies life that can be seen only through a microscope
salinity with oxygen
biosignature real life models that scientists use
Earth a starting measurement that a scientist uses for an experiment
tectonics the ability to do work (pg. 86)
oxygen a type of rock that forms by being compressed or cemented into solid layers
igneous a type of extreme environment

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