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Bio Vocab O-OS

Carl Shorett

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Opportunistic An arrangement of internal transport in which blood bathes the organs directly and there is no distinction between blood and interstitial fluid. 3 Words
OralCavity A unit of genetic function common in bacteria and phages, consisting of coordinately regulated clusters of genes with related functions.
Operon A specialized center of body function composed of several different types of tissues.
Osmolarity A measure of the tendency of a solution to take up water when separated from pure water by a selectively permeable membrane. 2 Words
Osmosis The diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane.
Osculum A group of organs that work together in performing vital body functions. 2 Words
Operator An arrangement of the fingers such that the thumb can touch the ventral surface of the fingertips on all four fingers. 2 Words
Osmoconformer The development of organ rudiments from the three germ layers.
OpposableThumb In prokaryotic DNA, a sequence of nucleotides near the start of an operon to which an active repressor can attach.
OsmoticPressure An animal that does not actively adjust to its internal osmolarity because it is isotonic with its environment.
Order In classification, the taxonomic category above family.
Organogenesis A large opening in a sponge that connects the spongocoel to the environment.
OrganicChemistry A heterotrophic animal that consumes both meat and plant material.
Omnivore The mouth of an animal. 2 Words
Osmoregulation Microorganisms that are normal residents of a host but can cause illness when the host's defenses are weakened by such factors such as poor nutrition or a recent bout with the flu.
OpenCirculatorySystem One of several formed bodies with specialized functions, suspended in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells.
Organ Bone-forming cells that deposit a matrix of collagen.
OrganSystem Solute concentration expressed as molarity.
Organelle The study of carbon compounds. 2 Words
Osteoblasts The control of water balance in organisms living in hypertonic, hypotonic, or terrestrial environments.

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