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Accounting a form on which a brief message is written describing and entry.
Account planning, keeping, analyzing, and interpreting financial records.
Expense an accounting form used to sort and summarize changes in a specific item.
Withdraw assets taken out of a business for the owner's personal use.
Accouting Equations a ledger that contains all accounts needed to prepare financial statements.
Ledger a name given to an account.
Posting an entry recorded in the credit column.
Liabilities value of the owner's equity.
Revenue a group of accounts.
Transaction an equation showing the relationship amoung assets, liabilities and capital.
T Account an increase in capital resulting from the operation of a business.
Balance Sheet a list of account title and numbers showing the location of each account.
File Maintenance a business owned by one person.
Chart Of Accounts a form for recording accounting information in chronological order.
Opening An Account each item recorded in a journal.
Source Document amount owed by a business.
Credit a normal business activity that changes assets, liabilities or owners's equity.
Equities the difference between the totals of amounts in an accounts debit and credit columns.
Entry accounts used to store info until transferred to the capital account.
Account Title a business peper from which info is obtained for a general journal entry.
Assets an entry recorded in the debit column.
Capital the procedure for arranging accounts in a general ledger, selecting account numbers and titles.
Proprietorship the entry to record the beginning balance sheet.
Journal financial rights to the assets of a business.
Opening Entry anything of value that is owned.
Account Balance a financial statement that reports assets, liabilities and capital on a specific date.
General Ledger a decrease in capital resulting from the operation of a business.
Temparary Capital Account transferring info from general journal entries to ledger accounts.
Memorandum a skeleton form of accounting, showing only the debit and credit columns.
Debit writing an account title and number on the heading of an account form.

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