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BSBCMN302A- Element 1

L Wetherall

Planning and following a work schedule

work schedule a group of people with complimentary skills that work together to complete a common goal is also known as a ______
timeframe these are used to measure the progress towards set goals or strategies/ objectives (abbreviation)
procedure personal organisation software such as an ____________ task manager allows you to record and keep track of your tasks
competencies one of the reasons you are empoyed by an organisation is to help it achieve its goals, its ________ and its plans.
strategic A _________ plan is one of the most important documents as it outlines what an organisation and how the organisation is going to achieve
targets as well as organising your time you must organise your ______ area
policy the end or desired result an organisation wants to achieve
prioritising the due date or end date a task must be completed by
urgent ____________ your tasks means looking at the task given and assigning a priority level to it
objectives Key Performance Indicators amy also be referred to as ________
technology the amount of time you have or that it will take to complete a task
deadline something that must be done immediately is ________
electronic this statement outlines the organisations overall purposeand is often found in the reception area or where it can be seen
email a necessary skill where you bargain and use tactics with others, preferably to result in a win-win situation
smart a statement of how you are to behave
diary a common workplace policy that applies to all work environments would be about this topic (abbreviation)
when the position or job description provided by the organisation describes the necessary ____________ required to perform the job effectively
work It is important to have a clear idea of what and ______ tasks must be done
negotiation an acronym or word often used to make sure a goal is possible is often called _ _ _ _ _
team an essential planning tool to ensure you know what you are doing each day
OHS are the steps you will take to achieve a set goal
KPI the steps used to fulfill a policy statement
goal a way to work smarter, not harder is by using instruments of this kind
vision it is useful to plan one of these to identify how you will spend each day working toward your as well asyour team and organisations goal
mission a way to contact a group of people within seconds

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