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The Business Law Vocabulary

Chazmin Warren

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crime open peaceful violation of of a law
small claims courts change or alteration
law power of a court to decide a case
declaration of independence basic fairness
u.s constitution administers wills and and estates
substantive law private organization of citizens hwo select and promote candidates for public office
felony independent 3rd party who tries to develop a non-binding solution acceptable to both sides
civil rights crime by up to 1yr in prison
civil disobedience law based on the dictates of a central polictical authortiy
verdict laws grouped into organized form
sovereingty documented drafted by the 13 colonies to declare independence
amendment law enacted by state or federal ledislatures
municipal courts idea that the same ethical standards apply to everyone
cyberlaw deciding what is right and wrong in a reasoned impartial manner
ordinance crime punishable by more than 1yr in prison
justice law that is intended to govern the use of computers in e-commerce and the internet
mediator legislation enacted by a town
statutes a legal position that allows the defendant to escape criminal liability
defense court in which cases of small amounts are involved
democracy first court to hear a dispute
writ of certirari group of laws used to provide a remedy for wrongs against individuals
impartiality punishable offense against society
jurisdiction governmental sytem in which citizens vote directly to decide issues
ethics to place a dispute before a court for resolution
arbitrator document that consist of seven articles that provide a workable framework for our federal government
stare decisis doctrine that requires lower courts to follow existing case law in deciding similar cases
probable cause order to a lower court to produce the record of a case for the supreme court to review
civil law doing what is right
politcal party mental test to identify irrational
positive law power to hear the case in full for the first time
universalizing group of laws that defines and sets punishment for offenses against society
trial court personal human rights
code constitutional requirement for fundamental fairness in our court amd legal system
probate courts groups of laws that defines rights and duties
misdemeanor accurate detailed report of what went on in court
integrity reviews decisions of lower courts
common law jury's decision in a case
applellate court loose form of charter for common government
criminal law independent 3rd party who develops a binding and enforceable resolution to dispute
due process of law freedom from external control
court record title of a judge on the state supreme court or federal supreme court
litigate govenment system in which citizens elect representatives to decide issues
associate circuit courts rules and regulations for the internal management of corporate affairs
juvenile courts city court
equtiy for individuals over 13 and under 18
original jursidiction enforceable rules of conduct in a society
rebublic a reasonable ground for belief
bylaw law based on current standards or custom of the people
articles of confederation first ten amendments to the u.s constitution
bill of rights court that hears minor criminal cases

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