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Computer Terms Crossword

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Ribbon Used to organize files
Icon Related commands that are divided into tabs
Contextual Tab Electronic mail
Multitasking Allows more than one application to run at a time
Interface Little pictures that represent programs on the desktop
Computer Indicates the file type and is used by the application to recognize files
E-Mail A list of commands
Virus Collection of related data stored on a hard disk
Input Device Expands the window to fill the screen
Folder Displays a menu of commands for opening, saving, and printing
Thumbnail Follows a program; designed to compute
Output Device Random Access Memory
Dialog Box Area on screen where the user interacts with the software application
Menu Format widely used because all document formatting is preserved
PDF Printers and Monitors
File Extension A tab added to the Ribbon for certain activities
RAM Miniature version of the document
Office Button Malicious code that appears like a useful program
File A small window with options for completing an action
Default Setting that is automatic unless changed by user
Maximize Keyboard, Mouse, Disk Drive, USB Drive

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