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N. Warren-Swan

To give students the understanding of the various types of entrepreneurs and the positives and negatives of business ownership.

Businessfailure Prefer to use one's talents to make a successful business
Ledger Carrying out all duties required to meet goals.
Budget Not having to follow orders set by someone else.
Summary Shows type of legal ownership.
Income Money earned from one's salary or business.
Selfmotivation An agreement between parties.
Selfesteem Running into unexpected problems.
Marketingplan One may not have enough money to run the business.
Profit Anything of value, such as cash, equipment.
Contract Someone who earns a salary by working for someone.
Assets A place where money is held on clients behalf.
Financialplan Overview of the total business plan
Bank One who can work without supervision
Entrepreneur The creation of something valuable, sense of gain.
Opportunity To put on hold until all conditions are met.
Skills A person who recognizes an opportunity; assumes risk.
Operatingplan Making money which goes to the business.
Bid Shares in the ownership of the business.
Productsandserviceplan An uncertaintly of gaining or losing money in investments.
Escrow Work beyond the usual hours of employment.
Stock A book of accounting used for recording trade transactions.
Risks Risk of losing money, and investment by others.
Smallbusiness To offer a price.
Selfdiscipline A favourable condition; a good chance.
Satisfaction Describes product and service, points out features.
Businessplan A plan for using your money to best meet needs and wants.
Companydescription An independently owned and operated business.
Obstacles Specifies the financial needs; sources of income.
Independence The feeling of having built a successful business alone.
Loneliness Shows who the potential customers are, competition.
Longhours Completely responsible for success or failure.
Employee Identify key people who will direct and manage.
Financialsecurity Explains type of company and gives history.
Managementplan A written description that describes all aspects/business.
Legalplan One who can correct their own errors and improve.
Hardwork Identifies manufacturing/operating system, facilities etc.

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