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Famous Advertising Slogans


This months puzzle is composed of famous advertising slogans used in advertising. For example, “Have it your Way, Have it you way” would require the solution “BURGERKING”. Finally, all the T.V. time proves good for something...

BUSCHBEER Head for the mountain.
XEROX Diamonds are forever
Calgon Reach out and touch someone.
FORD Breakfast of Champions
7UP The best a man can get.
DEBEER Quality is job 1!
DELTAAIRLINES The Ultimate driving machine.
BURMASHAVE You'll love the way we fly!
AANDW The Greatest Show on Earth.
Campbells M'm M'm Good.
ALKASELTZER When there's no tomorrow.
VISA The Document Company
WHEATIES Don't leave home without it.
AMERICAN EXPRESS Solutions for a small planet.
ATANDT Good to the last drop
BARNUMANDBAILEY It keeps going and going and going. . .
TOYOTA I can't believe I ate the whole thing!
ENERGIZERS So Creamy it's almost fattening.
FROSTEDFLAKES Ancient Chinese Secret Huh?
BMW Oh What a feeling!
MAXWELLHOUSE It's Everywhere you want to be.
IBM You deserve a break today.
GILLETTE The un-Cola
MCDONALDS That frosty mug sensation.

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