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GE 230 Midterm Review Crossword

Natasha M. baker

midterm review for business management

liablity insurance when you are personally responsible for the debts of the business
doing business as used to create a customer demographic profile
cash helps differentiate you from your competitiors
franchise DBA
corporation Not a benefit of starting your own business
partnership agreement Not required to register your business a a partnership
liabilities the type of insurance to would cover you if a customer had an accident in your store
liability items of value owned by the company
positioning a type of business ownership where you buy the license to use the company's name and sell its products
executive summary this section of the business plan is written last
corporation double taxation, stock, legal red tape
net worth the term that is used to describe the process in which an asset, such as a car, value diminishes over time
perceived value marketing that identifies the people most likely to buy your product
insolvent current and long-term debts of a business
age main advantage of a sole proprietorship
depreciation Social Media Marketing Tool
assets if two more unmarried people own and operate a business, which of the business formats can they Not use
LLC product, price, promotion, place
sole proprietorship when your liabilities are more than your assets, can lead to bankruptcy
ease of formation a type of business structure that is a combination of a corporation and a sole proprietorship
Twitter separation of the person from the business
unlimited liability a type of liquid asset
target the value that the customer places on your service, it is a major component in setting prices
marketing mix equal to your assets minus your liabilities, owner's equity
attorney can for a professional corporation

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