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Principles of Business Unit A


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resources Period in the business cycle characterized by low unemployment, high production, and opening of new businesses
GDP Biggest portion of consumer income is spent on this.
values Business owned by one person
socialism type of resource that combines natural, human, and capital resources to produce goods/services
capital Aims or objectives
goods business that moves goods from one business to another, also called an intermediary
traditional Goal that can be achieved within a few weeks to a few months
intermediate Type of business in which the right to sell a parent company's goods/services within a specified territory are purchased
wholesaler The number of goods/services produced during a certain period of time.
distributor Anything people can use to make or obtain what they need or want
goals Resource that includes items that come from the air, water, or earth
soleproprietorship Economic sytem in which the government makes all the decisions regarding which goods/services to produce, how they will be produced, and how the goods/services will be distributed
partnership goals that can be achieved within one year
shortterm goals that take longer than a year to achieve
recovery Period in the business cycle when production starts to increase, people go back to work, and spending increases
citizen Business that distributes goods from one business to another. Buys in large quantities and sells in smaller quantities
natural turn raw or processed goods into finished goods
shelter Type of resource that includes all items other than natural resources that are used to produce goods and services
recession Your role when your purchase goods/services
Human Period in the business cycle when spending decreases and the unemployment rate increases
corporation Organization owned by many people but treated by the law as in one person owned it
franchise Business that does not provide tangible goods to consumers
consumer Business owned by two or more people
retailer Part of the business cycle characterized by high unemployment and low productivity
communism Business that provides goods/services directly to the consumer
capitalism Your role when you vote, pay taxes, and obey the law
prosperity Items that satisfy the need for wants/needs. They can be physically weighted and measured.
entrepreneurial Resource that describes the people who contribute the physical and mental energy to the production of goods/services
depression Things that you prize and think are important, your beliefs and principles
manufacturers Basic economic decisions that are based on the actions of individual people and businesses participating in different markets
longterm Economic system in which the government owns major industries but allows for private ownership of businesses
services Economic system in which people do things the way they have always been done.

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