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PM 001


PM related challenge.

pareto target schedule
imr The actual or estimated time associated with an activity's completion.
pmp sum of project products and services
activity contract where buyer reimburses the seller for cost and a fixed amount
estimating actual cost of work performed
scope chart using time lines that illustrates multiple, time-based activities on a horizontal time scale.
freeriding PERT float
burnrate PM designation from PMI
client project champion
escalation calling upon higher levels of management
montecarlo customer
contract Project Management Office
acwp task
task assessment of the likely quantitative result
hammock Someone that may impact your project
project The read only computer instructions resident within hardware.
scurve A condition where there is no excess time between activities.
pmi significant project event
reserve expansion in original commitment
estimate The rate at which funds or man-hours are being expended on a project.
pert time needed to comp an act
firmware N6 front door for new requirements
slack aggregate activity
stakeholder contigency
toosoft PERT algorithm to calc many outcomes
sponsor histogram ordered by frequency of occurence
failure mutually binding agreement
workpackage Project Management Institute
scopecreep commiting the organization to begin a project
PMO The inability to perform.
ignore activity
initiation A temporary endevor to create a unique product or service
finishdate lowest level of a WBS
zerofloat type of PND
cpff A situation where some project team members do less work than the others.
baseline what most PMs are
remdur handling risk
gantt risk handling
forwardpass Calculating the earliest start dates moving from left to right along a network.
milestone Calculating approximately the probable cost or value.
critical display of cumulative costs, labor hours or other quantities plotted against time.
crashing decreasing total project duration
mitigate activity if delayed will delay some other important activity

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