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Shandain Francis

Try to crack this puzzle if you can.

Capital Market situation in which demand exceeds supply.
Shortages Countries that try to reduce the differences between rich and poor.
Labor Market situation in which supply exceeds demand.
Business cycle Economy in which there is no government involvement in economic decision.
Prosperity A period of economic slowdown that lasts for two quarters, or six months.
Communist Recurring slowdown and growth of an economy.
Privatization Everything on the earth that is in its natural state.
Demand The physical development of a country, including its roads, parts, sanitation facilities, and utilities, especially telecommunication.
Producer Price Index A period of prolonged recession.
Factors of production The technical terms economists use for resources.
Depression A period of rising prices.
Recession Exclusive control over a product or the means of producing it.
Infrastructure The struggle between companies for customer.
Productivity Measures wholesale price levels in the economy.
Entrepreneurship All of the people who work in the economy.
Market economy The possibility of financial loss; the potential for loss or failure in relation to the potential for improved earnings.
Land The process of selling government owned business to private individual.
Inflation Point in the business cycle when the economy flourishes.
Economy The way a nation makes economics choices.
Competition Countries that have a totalitarian form of government which runs everything.
Equilibrium The amount or quantity of goods and services that consume are willing and able to buy at various prices.
Surpluses Output per worker hour.
Monopoly The process of starting and managing your own business the skills of people who are willing to risk their time and money to run a business.
Risk The point at which the amount of a product supplied equals the amount demanded.
Socialist The money needed to start and operate a business.

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