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canadian federal government terms

sl popowich

canadafederal governmentterms chapter 1 of the albetra grade 9 social

citizen top judicial body in Canada (2)
republic the process of becoming part of a different cultural group
assimilation royal head of government and a parliamentary democracy (2)
thisfriday groups of opposing views coming to a mutually agreeable decision
Conservativeparty someone who's first priority is the well being of the natural world
consensus has 50% 1 seats of the House of Commons (2)
slogans person with rights in and responsibilities to a specific country
supremecourt short for Prime Minister
bias appointed house of the Canadian Parliament, sober second look at bills
royalassent represents the monarch in Canada, must sign bills into laws (2)
constituents is the official opposition in the Parliament in 2009
environmentalist elected part of the Canadian Parliament - represents constituates (3)
MP someone hired by a group to influence MPs and government officials
PM final debate and vote on the final form of a bill (2)
federalaccountabilityact short for member of Parliament
senate the part fo the government that interprets
Harper an opinion based on unchallenged assumptions
government another term for ministries or cabinate postings
lobbyist the part of government that makes the laws- both houses (2)
popularvote law to make government responsible and accountable (2)
minorityrights laws to protects specific groups with in the greater society (2)
majoritygovernment person who live in an riding and is represented by an elected official
Liberalparty party in power in 2009, PM Harper is it's leader
legislativebranch democracy where every member of the government is elected (USA)
houseofcommons Governor General formally signes a bill into law (2)
democracy PM in 2009
Ignatiff leader of the opposition, 2009
constitutionalmonarchy proposes most laws, puts them into action, PM and cabinet (2)
govenorgeneral the total votes cast in an election, as different from the total seats won (2)
thirdreading day of your chapter 1 test this week (2)
judicialbranch a phrase repeatedly used by politicians or marketers to present an idea
portfolios government that is elected by the citizens of the country
executivebranch the body with power to make decisions for a society

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