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Cars and Driving 3/6/08

Ms. Hess

No description

gas antilock braking system
exhaust going one over the limit
tachometer shifting pattern typically an "H"
yellow _____ violation for a burned out light
restrictions aim
skid do this after green light (3wds)
weaver look here while back to the right (2 wds)
seize too many demerits and this happens
high most deadly weapon you'll own
kinetic warning signs
stopsign cover this at RR crossing
abs do this going down steep hills
downshift grind when bad
equals no passing sign
lights move this direction for emergency vehicles
odometer zero__________
vaporlock don't turn off engine if light comes on
out keep your eyes ______
tires he's on your bumper
choke regulates air flow
drivererror treat a flashing red the same as a ____ ____
right on your license if you need corrective lenses
leftrightleft without oil, engine does this
scan causes 95% of all accidents (2 wds)
accelerator electric cranking motor
car must have proper PSI
organdonor only this will sober you up
alternator after I identify, I _______
report push once to reset automatic choke
tailgaiter automobile
equipment system that reduces pollutants
pedestrians how old your car is in miles
moving in and out of traffic
vehicle orange sticker on you license
brakes shape of interstate number signs
manual interior light dimmer switch
west left on a map
starter don't use in fog
pennant happens in winter and your tank isn't full
plates shows revolutions per minute
comprehensive looking here and there
tolerance energy of motion
shield don't let these expire
predict on when raining
brake always have the right of way
speeding petrol, in Europe
rightshoulder implied________
revocation approach car from this direction
rheostat if you knock down a sign, you must _____
consent turn wheels into this
time leave yourself one of these
highbeams 12oz. beer ____ one shot of whiskey
front pays for fire damage to your car

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