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M.K. Owen

No description

deceleration person walking on foot
alternator gear used when stopped
adhesion vision used to read signs
blind spot divided highway with high rates of speed
intersection energy of motion
acceleration lever that moves the cars gears
air bag tendency of an object to stay in motion
collison crash
inertia produces electricity
clutch forward gear
battery a main public road that runs between cities
blowout place where two roads cross
drive unit that stores electricity
park driving under the influence
pedestrian device that measure the miles
peripheral area where you cannot see
central vision that is between foacl and peripheral
risk increase in speed
DUI vision used to detect motion
reverse safety bag in the car dashboard
gearshift device used in a manuel transmission
odometer sudden loss of air pressure in tire
momentum gear used to go backward
highway sticking together
focal decrease in speed
expressway the chance of injury

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