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Engine Codes and Their Cars!


A few of the baddest street cars ever made according to engine codes!!

S2000 Missing phrase2 - 20
VIPERACR Which technically amazing piece of automotive machinery uses a twin turbocharged 6.0L V-12?(670hp)
WRXSTI What car uses the funky but strong EJ257 boxer engine?(309hp)
3000GTVR4 What surprise supercar came engineered with this engine behind the driver, the C30A V6?(270hp)
CORVETTEZR1 Which car has the MONSTEROUS 2JZ-GTE?(320hp)
VEYRON Which car uses the 6G72 DOHC V6 Twin Turbo?(320hp)
NSX Missing phrase2 - 22
ECLIPSEGSX Missing phrase2 - 21
CORVETTEZ06 What beautifully badass supercar uses the LS9 supercharged powerplant?(632hp)
SKYLINE What car came with the iconically famous SR20DET 4cyl powerplant?(240hp)
GT500 Which insane car uses the stupidly powerful quad turbocharged W-16?(no hp figure on this one guys)
911TURBO Which new contender to the pony car stable uses the 6.1L HEMI V8?(420hp)
RX7 This engine, quite possibly has the best known powerplant ever created, the RB26DETT?(276hp)
350Z What ride uses the all new 4B11 turbocharged powerplant?(296hp)
SILVIA Which car uses the all new VQ37HR engine?(306hp)
AMGBLACKSERIES What car housed the old school VG30DETT V6 engine?(300hp)
EVOLUTION What famous american icon utlizes a 5.4L supercharged powerplant?(500hp)
GENESIS What power monster houses the awesome LS7 427 V8?(505hp)
CHALLENGERSRT8 Which unbelievably powerful one of a kind car utilizes a 8.4L V10?(600hp)
370Z WHat car houses the famous and proven 4G63?(210hp-276hp)
300ZX What newer car houses the award-winning VQ35 series of motors?(276hp)
SILVIA What car holds the one of a kind and amazing 13B?(255hp)
SUPRA Which iconic masterpiece uses the rear-mounted monster M64/60 Twin Turbo?(408hp)

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