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Chapter 24 Engine Removal, Disassembly and Inspection

Mr. Mattis

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Valve springs A tool used to cut away narrow band of unworn cylinder wall.
Valve guide cleaner Process of grinding or planning the engine block to cylinder head contact surface.
Balance point Valve spring retainer lock made up of a two piece tapered cone that wedges between retainer and valve stem grooves.
Long block ECM controlled device that can advance and retard engine valve timing in response to engine and vehicle conditions. Usually consists of a hydraulic advance mechanism controlled by solenoids.
Engine stand Used to remove carbon in each guide.
Split keepers Engine assembly with heads and oil pan installed.
Lifting angle Covers the timing chain and gears.
Attachment points The angle that the engine will need to gain proper clearance while lifting.
Ring ridge A metal plug pressed into holes in engine water jacket.
Vibration damper Consists of the block, crankshaft, and piston assemblies.
Spring retainer Tool used to collapse valve spring so that the retainer may be removed.
Cable Portion of the cylinder above the top limit of ring travel.
Valve spring compressor Coil spring used to keep valves closed.
Resurfacing When lifting engines, that point, in relation to static balance, at which lifting hook is attached to puller strap or bar. Pull point must be secure and located to keep engine properly balanced and at the correct angle while lifting.
Variable valve timing A specific area used to fasten a cable or strap to remove an engine.
Ridge reamer Connected to the engine. Used to lift the engine.
Front cover A holding fixture for engine so that repair is made easier by having engine at standing height and capable of being turned to different positions.
Freeze plugs A round washer used to hold the spring keepers in place.
Short block The point or location at which an object may be lifted while retaining proper balance.
Pull point Round weighted device attached to front of crankshaft to minimize torsional vibration.

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