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Mr. Tom Mattis

Technical terms that deal with a four stroke engine.

OILFILTER The push rod sets on this
ROD CAP Cleans the oil
HEAD Large gear
BORE Ignites the air fuel mixture
PISTON Storage for oil
LIFTER Precision measuring tool
EXHAUSTVALVE Quiet sounds of running engine
FLYWHEEL Metal section bolted to top of block
MUFFLER Used to insure proper sealing
ENGINEBLOCK Open during the exhaust stroke
GASOLINE Diameter of the cylinder
CRANKSHAFT Replaced by fuel injection
CAMSHAFT Outer loweredge of valve head
SPARKPLUG Link between the piston and the crankshaft
GASKET On an engine camshaft
OILPAN Used to force oil under pressure
DISTRIBUTOR Sends an electrical charge to the correct cylinder
CONNECTINGROD Casting that contains cylinders
CARBURETOR Both valves are closed
LOBE Controls air flow
VALVEFACE Lower removable half of the connecting rod
COMPRESSIONSTROKE Used to operate the valves
OILPUMP Has rings
MICROMETER Moves the pistons

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