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suspension systems


suspension crossword

mcphersonstrut swinging motion
shackle spring popullar on trailers
elliptical hand cuffs
wishbone twisted round spring
semielliptical shocks can be oil filled or?
irs mass above the spring
deflectionrate oval
independentsuspension bar provides springing by twisting
torsionbar eye beam
ibeam stthe spring and shock are in 1 piece named after its inventer
torquereaction control arm shaped as a chicken bone
gasfilled drive shaft of a vehicle with irs
flexible limits spring travel
sprungmass hub and suspension assemble pivots on this joint
rigidaxle bendy
shockabsorber contols body roll
leafspring side to side
stabiliserbar distance between points on a screw thread
unsprungmass the degree of hardness
lateral hangs the spring
ubolt wheels move freely of each other
springhanger half oval
wattslink contolls longitudenal movement
torsionbar time of changing shape
crossmember the angle of the wheel pointing in or out of the vehicle looking from the front of the car
oscillation dampers spring shocks
longitudinal up and down
temper arm that controls lateral movement
controlarm wheels react to each others movement
torsion you bolt
pitch member across the vehicle that is attached to suspension or transmission
coilspring rear wheels move freely of each other
balljoints power reaction
swingaxle twisting
camber bar provides springing by twisting
bumpstop mass below the spring

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