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Motor Vehicle Technology

Martin Jackson I Eng

Designed to be used as an educational aid directed at Motor Vehicle students.

Underseal Temperature controlled valve for cooling system
Fade Supplies power
Actuator Brake shoes have frictional contact with this
Idle Hinged cover for the engine
Port Rotating member of a centrifugal pump
Sprocket Instrument for measuring specific gravity
ECU Wheel with teeth
Viscosity Return path for electrical current
Brakes Series of electrical connections forming a complete path
Coil Instrument for measuring thickness
Sensor Bolt fits to this
Micrometer Top of the piston
Diesel Unitary body frame
Toughened Large slip angles at the rear can cause this
Strokes The angle of the wheel as compared to vertical
ABS Type of glass for side screens
Poppet Type of glass for windscreens
Earth Swivel axis inclination
Petrol Part of tyre that is in contact with the road
BDC Bottom dead centre
Crumple Dashboard instrument
Tread Type of inlet or exhaust valve
Bolt Nut fits to this
Voltage Anti-lock braking system
Speedometer Opening to allow gases to go through
Bead Part of tyre that seals to the wheel rim
TDC Help slow the vehicle down
Hygroscopic Type of differential where pinion is set low
Battery Smoothly engages and disengages drive
Power Receives message from ECU and carries out function
Engine Accumulator, stores electricity
Wrench Pin that secures piston to the connecting rod
Cylinder Fuel
Distributor Electronic control unit
Laminated To readily accept moisture from the atmosphere
Gudgeon Pistons move in these
Unitary Brake pads fit in this
Bonnet Thickness of oil or resistance to flow
Lamp Rate at which energy is converted into work
Castor Lubricates and cools
Integral Engine component that converts linear motion to cicular
Circuit Zone that is allowed to concertina in an accident
Thermostat Integral body frame
Hydrometer Sends HT current to the desired spark plug
Crown Over-head camshaft
Nut Electromotive force
OHC Mechanical force that causes rotation
KPI Top dead centre
Clutch Seven hundred and twenty degrees gives four of these
Torque Illuminates
Drum Tar type of paint put on car underbodies
Caliper This can happen to brake fluid if it gets hot
Oil Converts low tension electricity to high tension
Camber Steering angle that gives self centring
Impellor Sends signal to the ECU
Crankshaft Type of transverse link for the suspension
Vaporisation Type of spanner
Wishbone Tick over speed
Oversteer Fuel
Hypoid Brakes can do this when they get hot

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