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Alchemical Processes

Cody Trimmer, and Hursh Jetley

Alchemy was the foundation of modern day Chemistry. Alchemy had many techniques similar to today's Chemical processes. Alchemy dealt with Astrology tremendously, therefor some of their techniques were named after various signs of Astrology. In this crossword you will see the different names for different Alchemical Processes.Ex's Leo, Taurus, Aries. Use your Alchemy glossary for help.

Virgo Union through Multiplication.
Leo Modification through Congeletation/Coagulation.
Cancer Modification through Ceration.
Pisces Modification through Fixation.
Scrorpio Decomposition through Fermentation/Putrefaction.
Sagittairus Union through Solution.
Libra Seperation through Filtration.
Taurus Union through Projection
Aries Seperation through Sublimation.
Capricon Seperation through Distillation.
Aquarious Decomposition through Digestion.
Gemini Decomposition through Calcination.

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