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Gas Laws

Therese Buckel

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Atmospheric pressure tightly packed together
Charles' Law law that states the square root of a molar mass is proportional to the rate of effusion of a gas
Pascal law that the mass of a gas is proportional to the Kelvin temperature if pressure is constant
vaccum any gaseous envelope or medium
Atmosphere law that states the mass of a gas with a constant volume is proportional to the kelvin temperature
Gas Constant energy from motion
Ideal Gas Law volume of gas is measured 0 degreesC, 101.3 kPa or 1 atomosphere
Boyle's Law SI unit of pressure
partial pressure the amount of volume of matter that decreases under pressure
STP force per unit area
Combined Gas Law pressure, temperature, and volumes affilitaion with each other in a enclosed gas
Compressed capable of returning to its original length, shape, etc., after being stretched
Avogrado PV = nRT
Pressure measures atmospheric pressure
barometer gas flees a container through tiny hole
Elastic contribution of each gas in a mixture that makes up of the total pressure
Temperature empty space no particles or pressure
Dalton's Law a theory explaining the states of matter
Kinetic Molecular Theory average kinetic energy of particles in matter
Gay-Lussac's Law law that says the mass of a gas consist of a consistent temperature and volume of the gas varies
Compressibility relating the pressure and volume of a quantity of gas to the absolute temperature.
Graham's Law molecules move to a lower consentration
Effusion law that states pressure of a mixture of gases is the pressure of the components gases
Diffusion collisions of atoms and molecules in air with objects
Kinetic Energy equal volumes of gas and equal pressure numbers of particles

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