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Ionic Bonding

Mrs. Mozer

No description

cathode outermost electrons
atomic radius simple way to figure out the ionic formula
anode naming system that uses roman numerals to show charge on metals
chemical bond measurement of an atom from the nucleus to the edge
valence shell solution that coducts electricity
transition metals negatively charged ion
electricity positively charged ion
multivalent force of attraction between atoms
ionic bond three dimensional shape of fixed ion pairs
cation hard crystal of monetary value
valence electron outermost energy shell
crossover rule diagram showing only outermost electrons
Lewis diagram examples are Cr, Fe, W
anion substance held together by ionic bonds
binary compound positive electrode
stock system negative electrode
ionic solid having more than one possible ionic charge
electron dot diagram flow of electrons
crystal lattice compound containing only two elements
electrolyte diagram using lines to show shared electrons
gem attraction between positive and negative ions

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