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Ionic compounds

Mr. Koch

Please note that all numbers listed here should be subscripts.

ironcyanide NaHCO3
manganesefluoride AuNO2
lithiumiodide Fe(CN)2
ironoxide MnF2
cobaltoxide TiS
sodiumbromide CaSO4
sodiumchloride NH4NO3
lithiumnitrate NiP
berylliumchromate AgNO3
sodiumbicarbonate NaCl
berylliumselenide LiNO3
potassiumphosphate LiI
calciumiodide CoO
goldnitrite BeCrO4
titaniumsulfide Pb(OH)2
calciumsulfate BeSe
silvernitrate Na3N
magnesiumcarbonate CaI2
magnesiumsulfide K3PO4
leadhydroxide MnS
sodiumnitride CoCO3
nickelphosphide FeO
ammoniumnitrate NaBr
cobaltcarbonate MgCO3

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