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Let's Learn Chemistry!

Annie Perkins

This Puzzle is to Help Learn About Atoms in Chemistry

DeltaNotation The term that refers to something that is known as a visible radiant energy, this energy is varies from Violet to red, and is visible and invisible.
QuantomMechanicalAtom What are the elements called that contain an element number of 90 through
BohrAtom Known as a polyatomic anion, it contains one or more elements that combine with oxygen
Wavelength This Molecular ____ is geometric , formed by the atoms bonded to the central atom in a molecule
Anion What is a single particle that is composed of non metal atoms?
BinaryIonicCompound What is the method of indicating the partial positive charge and the partial negative charge in a polar covalent bond?
StockSystem The compound that contains only one metal and one nonmetal
ActinideSeries The atom model that describes about the atoms’ electron circling of the atomic nucleus and has an orbit of specific energy
Halogens An Orbit with a specific energy that electrons occupy at a fixed distance from the nucleus.
MonoatomicIon Group VIIA/17 elements on the Periodic
EnergyLevel What is the distance a light wave travels to complete one cycle?
Light The Group of elements located in Group VIIIA/18 known as relatively unreactive
Electronegativity An Ion that is a negative charge is known as a_____
ValeceElectrons A single atom, that shows a positive or a negative charge as the result of gaining or losing valence electrons
Oxyanion What describes an electron in the probability that it is found in a specific location around the nucleus?
Shape Forms two atoms to bond to the central atom in a
Group Electrons located in s and p sublevels and form chemical bonds
BondAngle What Electron has the ability of an atom to attract a pair of electrons in a chemical bond
NobleGases A system that names atoms designating a variable charge on a metal cation using Roman Numerals in parenthesis
Molcule Elements placed Vertically down the Periodic Table

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