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The Structure and Function of Macromolecules- Ch.5

Alisha Strasheim

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alpha helix many hydrogen atoms bonded to the carbon skeleton
ribose a mojor component of the tough walls taht enclose plant cells
carbohydrate unit of inheritance
monosaccharides a process that is essentially the reverse of the dehyration reaction
polymer a long molecule consisting of many identical or similar building blocks linked by covalent bonds
hydrolysis a strong covalent bond used to conform proteins
monomers comes from greek word monos "single" and sacchar "sugar"
peptide bond two monosaccharides joined together
cholesterol organic molecules possessing both carboxyl and amino groups
saturated fatty acid two molecules are covalently bonded to each other through loss of a water molecule
nucleic acids two kinds of smaller molecules: glycerol and fatty acids
unsaturated fatty acid the building blocks of a polymer are small molecules
glycogen a polymer of glucose taht is like amylopectin but more extrememly branched
disaccharide polymers of amino acids
gene a covalent bond formed between two monosaccharides by a dehydration reaction
fat the protein may unravel and lose its native conformation
glycosidic lingkage one or more double bonds, formed by the reoval of hydrogen atoms formthe carbon skeleton
lipid a delicate coil held together by hydrogen bonding between every fourth amino acid
polypeptides lipids charactersized by a carbon skeleton consisting of four fused rings
conformation a unique three-dimensional shape
condensation reaction a type of steroid that is a common component of animal cell membranes and is also the precursor for which other steroids are synthesized
amino acids the covalent bond tha joins amino acids through a dehydration reaction
cellulose genes consist of DNA which is a polymer belinging to the class of compounds
steroids the pentose is connected toe this nitrogenous base
denaturation make up membrane bilayer
disulfide bridges a storage polysaccharide of plants
starch sugars adn polymers

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