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Austin Gaboriau

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activation energy Another name for a protein.
substrate Fat that solidifies at room temperature.
adenine Lowers the activation energy of a reaction in the body.
aminogroup A fat that may clog arteries but helps with the production of sex hormones.
Hydrocarbon Disorder that creates the patient to have low blood sugar.
Protein What is bonded with a peptide bond.
DehydrationSynthesis Heat can do this to enzymes.
Nucleicacid Goes with thymine.
saturatedfat Macromolecule that stores energy and insulates.
Enzyme The process of breaking down by adding water.
polypeptide Polysaccharide found in muscle tissue in animals.
denature Polymer of nucleotides.
hydrophobic The monomer of most carbohydrates.
diabetes Functional group that is found and used in amino acids.
steroid The energy needed to start a chemical reaction.
Polysaccharide An example of this is an enzyme.
Hydrolysis Testosterone is an example of this.
glucose The process of combining by taking away water.
hypoglycemia "afraid of water"
glycogen Carb that is known as a fiber.
catalyst Polymer of monosaccharides.
Cholesterol Chain of molecules containing only hydrogen and carbon.
cellulose Reactant that is used by the enzyme.
Aminoacid Multiple of these forms a nucleic acid.
lipid A series of three or more monomers.
Polymer Disorder with converting carbs into energy.
nucleotide An enzyme acts as a ______.

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