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Med. Term., Chemistry Mod. D, 1


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magnesium Test for diabetes mellitus and other disorders of carbohydrate metabolism.
jaundice A simple sugar that is the end product of carbohydrate digestion.
amylase Substance occurring in animal tissue, egg yolks, various oils.
FBS One group of enzymes that split starch, glycogen, and other glucans.
spectrophotometry High density lipoprotein. "Good cholesterol".
photometry Movement of charged particles through the medium in which the are dispersed as a result of changes in electrical potential.
glucose Abstention from food,
LDL The death of cells or microorganisms caused by antibodies, enzymes, or other substances.
lysis Low density lipoprotein. "Bad cholesterol".
cholesterol Any combination of glycerol with three to five different fatty acids.
protein A mineral element that serves as a principal ion in intracellelar fluid, and in is an important electrolyte in extracellular fluid.
calcium An estimation of coloring in a matter by using a spectroscope.
mineral A mineral element found in sort tissue, muscles, bones, and some body fluids.
sodium A fat splitting enzyme found in blood, pancreatic secreation, and tissues.
triglycerides A condition marked by yellow staining of body tissues and fluids, as a result of excessive billirubin levels in the bloodstream.
potassium Proteins that change the rate of chemical reactions without needing an external energy source, or being changed themselves.
electrophoresis An inorganic element or compound occurring in nature.
HDL The measurement of light using rays.
glucosetolerancetest Fasting blood sugar. Testing a patients blood glucose levels after a period of fasting.
hemolyze To destroy red blood cells.
fasting Compound that is synthesized by all living organisms, and yield amino acids when hydrolyzed.
electrolyte Substance that, in a solution, conducts an electric current.
enzyme The most abundant ion in extracellular fluids. An inorganic metal...salt.
lipase Any specimen with execss lipids.
lipemic A mineral important for blood clotting, enzyme activation, functioning of nerves and heart, and the firmness of bones.

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