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Molecular Compounds


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TetrahedralAngle The two weakest attractions between molecules
BondDissociationEnergy Two atoms held together by sharing a pair of electrons are joined by a
StructuralFormula When the atoms in the bond pull equally, the bonding electrons are shared equally
PolarMolecule A molecular orbital that can be occupied by two electrons of a covalent bond
MolecularCompound an arrangement where all of the H-C-H angles are 109.5 degrees
BondingOrbital Attractive Forces in which a hydrogen covalently bonded to a very electronegative atom is also weakly bonded to an unshared electronpair of another electronegative atom
NonpolarCovalentBond Covalent bond between atoms in which the electrons are shared unequally
Pi Bond A compound that contains one or more hydrogen atoms and produces hydrogen ions when dissolved in water
ResonanceStructure Orbitals that apply to the entire molecule
NetworkSolids A Bond formed by sharing three pairs of electrons
SingleCovalentBond A neutral Group of atoms joined together by covalent bonds
MolecularFormula A Covalent bond in whichone atom contributes both bonding electrons
PolarCovalentBond The atoms held together by sharing electrons are joined by a
UnsharedPair Occur when polar molecules are attracted to one another
Acid A structure that occurs when it is possible to draw two or more valid electron dot structures that have the same number of electron pairs for a molecule or ion
Molecule Solids in which all of the atoms are covalently bonded to each other
DoubleCovalentBond A tightly bound group of atoms that has a positive or negative charge and behaves as a unit
HydrogenBonds An ionic compound that produces hydroxide ions when dissolved in water
TripleCovalentBond when the bonding electrons are most likely to be found in sausage-shaped regions above and below the bond axis of the bonded atoms
Dipole The energy required to break the bond between two covalently bonded atoms
MolecularOrbitals A bond that involves two shared pairs of electrons
CoordinateCovalentBond A Pair of valence electrons that is not shared between atoms
CovalentBond Represents the covalent bonds by dashes and shows the arrangement of covalently bonded atoms
Hybridization A molecule that has two poles
PolyatomicIon The Chemical Formula of a molecular compound
vanderWaalsforces A Molecule Consisting of Two atoms
Base A compound composed of molecules
DipoleInteractions The weakest of all molecular interactions, which are caused by the motion of electrons
DiatomicMolecule One end of the molecule is slightly negative and the other end is slightly positive
DispersionForces when several atomic orbitals mix to form the same total number of equivalent hybrid orbitals

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