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Nuclear and Chemical Energy

Brian Palmer

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reaction rate when energy moves from one thing to another without changing it's type
products a pure substance
balanced the positively charged particle in the nucleus of an atom
nucleus the negatively charged particle orbiting the nucleus of an atom
reactants chemical reactions that release energy (get warmer)
compound the fastest and most hazardous type of radiation are the _____ rays
transformation the central part of an atom where most of the mass is located
atom the compounds produced by a chemical reaction are called the
alpha the Law of _______ of Matter says matter cannot be created or destroyed
conservation the biggest and the slowest radioactive particle is the ______ particle
bonds the smallest part of a compound that has all the properties of that compound
transfer when we crushed the antacid tablet before putting it in the water we were increasing the _____ of the tablet (two words)
radiation chemical energy is stored in
surface area the elements on both sides of a reaction equation must be
neutron high energy particles or waves given off by an unstable nucleus are referred to as
electron when measuring the energy released or absorbed by a reaction we measure the
molecule the elements you start with in a reaction are called the
endothermic when energy changes from one type to another.
element chemical reactions that absorb energy (get colder)
proton the speed of a reaction is called the (two words)
gamma the neutral particle in the nucleus of an atom
exothermic two or more elements chemically bonded together
temperature the smallest part of an element that has all the properites of that element

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