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The Periodic Table

Miss Anderson

Used to help learn words for topic three.

ELEMENT A negatively charged particle found outside the nucleus of an atom
MELTINGPOINT The temperature that a liquid turns to a gas
OXYGEN The smallest aprt of an element that can exist.
CATALYST The name given to group seven elements
NEUTRON This element has an atomic number of one
HALOGENS These elements are found on the right hand side of the Periodic Table
NOBLEGASES An uncharged charged particle found in the nucleus of an atom
BOILINGPOINT The number of protons
CHLORINE This is the name given to a substance used to speed up chemical reactions.
BROMINE A group of very unreactive elements
HYDROGEN Added to drinking water in Scotland to help stop tooth decay
ELECTRON A disinfectant used in swimming pools
MASSNUMBER Only made from one type of atom.
FLUORINE The only liquid non-metal at room temperature
ATOMICNUMBER The only liquid metal at room temperature
ATOM The number of protons neutrons
MERCURY A positively charged particle found in the nucleus of an atom
TRANSITIONMETALS The name given to the metals found between groups 2 and3
PROTON The temperature that a solid turns to a liquid
METALS Humans breathe in this gas during respiration

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