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Sung-June Ahn

Periodic table elements and organic chemistry.

calcium can be eaten to show blockages
Hexane Propane, Butane
hydrogen 6 carbon bonds and no shares
naptha rusts
stapleton used as fuel in cars
alkene used in light bulbs
halogenoalkanes bright lighting can be coloured
caesium group 7
tungsten gives away
ionic guess
potassium very reactive
deoxyribonucleic the collective number of these creat a diamond under pressure
helium good for your bones
mole explodes with fire
copper lighter than air
methane used to make chemicals
halogens posh scientific word for chloromethane chlorine atom reactions
nitrogen used as a fuel in jet engines
Carbon guess
molybdenum a good conductor
mercury like rubber
aluminium group 1 period 6
Sulphur very poisonous; chemical which said drove sir isaac newton
neon a unit
insulator over 70% isfound in the air
barium (anagram) buy model num
covalent 1:4 C:H
angus teacher
iron 4:10 C:H
ethene sharing
kerosene a form of carbon
gold DNA
chlorine Ethene
butane found in cars
iodine 2:4 C:H
ahn yellow element
gasoline fizzes in water; K
francium low reactive metal
alkane a green gas and is poisonous
graphite this solution can show starch

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