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Chemistry Unit 1 Properties

A. Skaggs

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qualitative A collection of chemical symbols and numbers that represent a compound.
chemical A mixture of two or more metals.
quantitative The effect of gravity on an object's mass.
structure Too small to be seen even with a microscope.
chemistry Term meaning what a substance is made up of.
weight The amount of matter in an object.
homogeneous A question that involves a measurement is said to be ?
matter Anything having mass and volume.
indirect Type of properties that depend on the amount of matter present.
solution Scientists create these to help them understand objects or ideas that cannot be seen.
model Term meaning how matter is put together.
mixture Visible to the naked eye.
heterogeneous Models are based on ____ evidence.
alloy A type mixture that appears the same throughout.
physical Properties that DO NOT depend on the amount of matter present.
intensive Two or more substance combined but not joined chemically.
formula A question that does NOT involve measurement is said to be?
macroscopic Science that studies the composition, structure and changed of matter.
composition Properties that can only be observed during a reaction.
mass Type of properties that can be observed without changing the identity of a substance.
extensive A mixture where one substance completely dissolves in another.
submicroscopic A type mixture where different materials are visible throughout.

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