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Chemistry 20

Highlycompressible Roadmap
Flourine change in temperature, and state is...
Elements a Substance that is dissolved into the solution
Dissociation Can't be broken down any further
C12H22O11 gain of electrons
Limiting when crystals form during the solution process
Molestomass a substance that solute dissolves into
KineticEnergy Group of matter
Solution sucrose
Dilution most electronegative element
Physicalchange diluting a solution
1ppm the chemical that is all used up when the reacting stops
Solute pressure exerted by the air around us
Roadmap formed between unlike atoms with an electronegativity difference less than 1.7
atmosphericpressure Mass to moles to moles to mass
Excess a Homogenous mixture of solute in solvent
reduction a way pressure is measured
Toricille loss of electrons
PolarCovalentBonds one property of a gas
Compound the chemical that remains when the reacting stops
oxidation an element plus an element is a...
Homogenous Polar Molecules
gas energy found in all particles
Unevenlysharedelectrons a substance that fills its container completely
Solvent 1 mg/L

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