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The Secret Life... of the Periodic Table! [Homework]

Anh Phan and Jenny Thang

Complete this assignment. Due date: January 5, 2009

Halogens Group 17 elements and have 7 electrons in its outer shell
Alkali metals Determined by the finding the distance between the nuclei of two touching atoms, and then halving that distance
Periodic Table Published a list of all the known elements in 1862
Dmitri Mendeleev Arranged the elements according to increasing atomic numbers
Electron Configuration These type of elements have these properties: luster, good conductors of heat and electricity, typically solid at room temperature, and bendable
Nonmetals The process of making an atom into an ion is called
Periods Rows of elements that goes left to right
Octet Rule All the elements of upper right corner of the Periodic Table (including Hydrogen)
Ionization This element is in coins
Radius An exception in the Periodic Table. There is more of this in the universe than any other element
Alkali earth metals Chemist who rearranged the periodic table by placing the lanthanide/actinide series at the bottom of the table.
Noble gases Outermost electrons in an atom
Moseley A measure of the ability of an atom in a chemic compound to attract electrons
Metalloids in group 18 elements and have 8 electrons in its outer shell
Copper The arrangement of electrons within an atom
Hydrogen A big grid that contains elements
Potassium Father of the Periodic Table
Metals This element is in bananas
Electronegativity Stinky-smelling substances inside the volcano
Transition metals Groups 1 elements
Helium Elements in groups 3-12
Sulfur These elements make good semiconductors and are located along the diagonal line between the metals
Valence electrons This element is inside balloons
Alexandre Beguyer de Chancourtois Group 2 Elements
Glenn Seaborg Atoms have a desire to gain, lose or share electrons so they can have eight electrons

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