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Ancient China Silk

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Devour China was also called this
Boiling This alowed china to trade with other countries
Death They wrote in this before paper was invented
The Silk Road The government collected these from the people of china.
Tax The person who discovered silk.
Mulberry Leaves To color something
Dye What you keep silkworms in.
Guarded the is one of the countries that traded with china
Bamboo screens the silk is mostly dyed with this color.
Hsi-Ling Shi This is the one that produces silk
Silk Worm Long-lasting, Can be used for a long time.
Spinning wheel The chinese did this to the silk for more than 4,000 years
Sericulture This allowed silk to be made with more efficiency
Durable They were paid with their services with silk.
Europe They use this proccess to to removed the silk from the cocoon.
Cultivation you will be charged with this if you get caught exporting silkworms eggs.
The Land of Silk Where the is silk usually spun
Soldiers To eat something up
Silk What china kept a secret.
Red What you feed silkworms.

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