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Choctaw Vocab Crossword

Chad Perry

No description

hakshup pen; pencil
okhina repair; fix
fokki take out; take from
lukfi horse
okti hello
afama window
hakchuma chair; seat
tofa kitchen
amafo bad-looking; mean-looking
halito body
ishtholissochi meet
itakyuinli foot
issoba noon
ahoponi get up
achunli eight
tabokuli dirt
iyi sew
akuchi spider
okfochush ice
chulhkan poison
ontuchena house
okhisushi say, make a sound
mahli school
maka kick
apoksia wind
abinili punt in; insert
haknip open something
chiluk path
holisso apisa hole
anowa tobacco
atoba river, waterway
tani be made from
pisokpulo my grandfather
ahofobi grin
ishtilli skin; hide; peel; shell
habli deep place
tiwwi summer
chukka duck
taha be finished; be done; be depleted (group 2)

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