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Joey Pullizzi

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twenty second Establishes that peoples rights are not limited to those mentioned in the constitution.
nineteenth Changes the procedure for electing the president and vice president.
fourteenth Establishes the process in which changes in the salaries of member congress are handled.
twenty seventh Suffrage no longer restricted by race.
second The right to keep and bear arms.
first Protects the people from unreasonable searches and seizures.
seventh The right given directly to the people to elect senators to prevent corrupt senators and improve state government.
thirteenth Established the nation wide voting age of 18 years old.
fourth Banned the production, sale or consumption of alcohol. (prohibition)
sixth Ensures that a lawsuit by an American citizen against a state must be tried in a state court and cant be tried in a federal court.
ninth Protects the accused from self incrimination and double jeopardy also granting the right of due process.
eighth Established to penalize southern states who refused Africans the right to vote and to prevent former confederate leaders from serving in the government.
twelfth Protects the accused from cruel and unusual punishment.
eighteenth Established succession plans to take effect during presidency.
tenth Limits the power of the federal government.
fifth Established a national ban on slavery.
twentieth Establishing the freedoms of religion, speech and press also granting the rights to petition and to assemble.
third Representation of Washington, D.C. in the Electoral College.
twenty sixth Limits the president to only two terms in office.
eleventh Prevents the quartering of soldiers in private houses during times of peace or war.
sixteenth Established nation wide woman's suffrage.
twenty fourth Establishing January 20th as the official inauguration day to fix the delay in between the inauguration of the president and vice president.
twenty first Established an end to the requirement of the poll tax to vote.
seventeenth Lifted the state and local ban on alcohol voiding the 18th amendments prohibition laws.
fifteenth Allows an income tax but banned a federal income tax.
twenty fifth The right to trial by jury in civil cases.
twenty third The right to a fair and speedy public trial.

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