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Chapter 5 Sections 1-3 Crossword

Eric Wallace

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Federalist A document that outlined the form of government of the New United States
Antifederalist A delegate who wrote Madison's Virginia Plan
checks and balance A congressional branch to make laws
Republicanism The belief that the government should be based on the consent of the poeple
Articles of Confederation A congressional branch to hear cases
James Madison A congressional branch to carry out laws
Three-Fifths Comprimise Called for 3/5 of a states slaves to count as population
Judicial Branch An alliance permitting states or nations to act together on matters fo mutual concern
Northwest Ordinance of 1787 Supporters of the Constitution
Federalist papers An established system that prevented any one branch from dominating the other two
ratification Offered a two-house congress to satisfy both large and small states
Great Compromise A forrmal summary of citizen's rights and freedoms
electoral college People who opposed federalists
Roger Sherman Official approval by the people of the Untied States.
Bill of Rights An uprising of debt ridden Massachusetts farmers in 1787
Shays's Rebellion A series of 85 essays defending the Constitution
Republic The only man to sign the Continental Association of 1774
Land Ordinance of 1785 A law that established a prosedure for the admission of the New United States into the Union
Executive Branch A government in which the cites rule elected representatives
confederation A group of electors estabilshed by states to cast ballots for the presidential candidates
Legislative Branch A law that established a plan for surveying and selling federal lande west of the appalatian mountains

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