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Constitutional Convention

Alexandria Menteer

No description

New Jersey plan bicameral legislature
virginia plan they talked about slavery in this meeting
ratify to aprove of something
articles of confederation a two house legislature
delagates each state gets two votes
three fifths compromise the anti-federalists wanted this
legislative branch The Articles of Confederation was a_________ government
judicial branch part of the Virginia plan
federalists they wanted the bill of rights
House of represenatives unicameral legislature
executive branch the Articles of Confederation were the first____________
senate first government of the U.S.
Shays Rebellion a group of farmers attack
Great compromise these people went to the constitutional Convention
anti federalists the didnt want the bill of rights
bill of rights part of the Virginia plan
slavery Part of the Virginia plan
government this was part of the great comprimise
weak government about the 3/5ths compromise

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