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Criminal Law Ch. 3

J. Cobb

Vocabulary and terms related to Business Law lessons dealing with Criminal Law.

hate crimes unlawful touching
shoplifting less serious crime
treason willful and malicious burning
double jeopardy fifth amendment protects against this
battery major crime
entrapment unlawful taking and carrying away personal property
robbery willful or malicious damage to property of others
assault physical or mental abuse within a household
burglary a crime listed in the U.S. Constitution
manslaughter stealing goods from a store
embezzlement induced to commit a crime by law enforcement
misdemeanor unlawful killing of another human being
kidnapping unaware of your actions
insanity unlawful removal or restraint of a person
vandalism protecting your self from serious injury or death
domestic violence use of symbols, writing, or spoken word to cause fear
murder the wrongful taking of personal property through violence or threats
felony wrongful taking of anothers property by a trusted person
arson without malice aforethought
larceny an attempt to commit battery
self-defense breaking and entering to commit a felony

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