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Domestic Policy Review Sheet

Mrs. Warner

Use your notes from recent class periods to answer the following clues...

TransportationPolicy even numbered highways run this way
NoChildLeftBehind the New Deal is an important piece of domestic policy because it created the modern one of these
Independent took over the Civil Works Administration as the major federal relief agency in 1935
MorrillAct created in 1862 by law to show farmers how to modernize their practices and equipment
EnergyPolicy alternative energy that uses the heat from the Earth as energy
Subsidies law that guarantees workers have a protected right to unionize
HigherEducation George W. Bush's Education Policy dealing with accountability for school districts and teachers
SocialSecurity dropping tariffs on imported items to encourage trade between countries
HydrogenFuelCells the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 set the first one of these at 40 cents an hour
UnionShop businesses that require workers to join a union soon after getting hired
EastWest can include direct payments of government money, tax incentives, free government services, and government loans
WelfareState This is a "safety net" for the elderly that began with the New Deal as a temporary program´┐Żunfortunately, too many people rely solely on this for income today
GlobalWarming colleges and universities that are privately owned, typically expensive, and most likely to offer nearly every student a scholarship
Biodiesel regulates and promotes research in developing alternative energy sources as well as incentivizes their use
FreeTrade alternative energy created from used oil from Chinese and fast food restaurants; smells like popcorn when it burns
USDepartmentofAgriculture basis for Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth
DepartmentofCommerce large "grid" used for driving across the country
SchoolFunding universities that are partially funded by the state, but also have some private aspects
MinimumWage Started in 1913 to provide information and services to businesses
WagnerAct law in 1862 created land grant universities
StateRelated Biggest problem in education; ends up being unfair to at least one group of people
BasicEducation area of education policy dealing with K-12
InterstateHighwaySystem policy dealing with cars, roads, bridges, mass transit, licensing, and other vehicular matters
WorksProgressAdminstration area of education policy dealing with what happens after high school graduation
Geothermal alternative energy that works like a battery--it can be recharged and replaced

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