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Electoral College

Electoral College

DirectElection Individuals who actually vote for the President
Three Who attends the Inauguration
InuaguralAddress Name given to Electors who do not vote as sent
Monday Where Electoral College votes
Three Which Amendment changed the Electoral College
Two Inauguration time
Senate If tie - Votes for the President
Oath Number of Winner takes all States
Tuesday Must say to become President
ThirdParty Number of Electors from Washington DC
Four Name given to the Presidential winner in November
ArticleII To do away with the Electoral College
Electors Number of Electoral votes to win the Presidency
TwentySix Name of who actually votes for the President
December Number of California Electors
House Who nevers actually votes for the President
People Inauguration Day
Public Candidates outside of the two party system
ElectoralCollege Day of Federal Elections
Unfaithful Number of members in the Electoral College
One Where in Constitution, Electoral College is found
PresidentElect First speech by the new President
BlueStates Number of Presidents who lost the popular vote
SixJanuary Joint session where Electoral College votes are counted
Noon Democrats
FiftyFive If tie - Votes for the Vice President
TwoHundredSeventy Month the Electoral College votes
StateCapitols The least number of Electors from any State
TwelveAmendment Republicans
Mail Number of votes per State if election goes to the House
RedStates Day of counting Electoral College votes
Congress Actual day of Electoral Vote
TwentyJanuary Process of sending Electoral votes to Congress
FiveHundredThirtyEight Number of House votes to become President

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